Monday, October 3, 2016

Devonshire Greens - A Perfect spot for your unending activities...

Located at the World’s most beautiful ecological destinations – Munnar, rich for it lush greenery and serine nature – Devonshire Greens is a palace of luxury blended with the ethnic elements of nature.
Devonshire is not just a place where you stretch yourself from a daily busy schedule, it’s a centre for the best rejuvenation and relaxing powered with activities tuned with fun and excitement. Our hospitality team makes sure that you get everything perfect for empowering your daily activity in Devonshire.
Explore the horizons of Bird Watching in our exclusive sites where you can spot the best species around the world. Seasonal Birds and migratory visitors make these exclusive spots their resting and breeding centers across the year. Bird Watchers can have a close observation of these beautiful flying wonders.
Cheer up the adventure buds in you through our Trekking and Rock Climbing routes, exclusively maintained by Devonshire Greens. We have guided Trekking, Nature Walks exclusively designed for our special guests. Mountain Biking, the extreme sport of adventure is also available where dedicated tracks are already set for your adventure.
Jeep Safaris to explore the rich wildlife density of Munnar which can be a treasured venture for nature and biological enthusiasts is also our specialty. Traditional performances of Kathakali and Kalarippayattu to know our traditional art, music and martial art culture.

Be with Devonshire Greens – the place of unending activity to sooth your luxurious stay , it nothing more or less than the heaven on earth redefined .  

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